Pool party games for adults

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Add even more water to another set of balloons, tie them off and toss them in. If not missed, whoever swims back to the other side the fastest wins and earns a point for the team. Initiate a relay race between teams to see who can swim through all the hoops the fastest, or an individual challenge to see how long a party-goer can swim underwater. Both persons who are sitting on the shoulders try to make eachother fall. You have all the kids stand around the pool and have apples in the middle of the pool.

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All are family-friendly and range in difficulty from beginners to expert swimmers and can be adjusted to make them easier.

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Coolest Pool Party Games

Then freeze them over night. The kids that are tagged are then turned into sharks. These great swimming pool games for kids will have everyone cooled off and having fun! When the Sea-Monster looks at you, you must remain a statue. If a players color is called out they must try and make it to the other side of the pool as quietly as they can. When the ball thrower catches the ball everyone pauses and stays in place. Have all the children stand around the pool.

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pool party games for adults
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pool party games for adults
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pool party games for adults
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