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Most of the scandalous crap has stayed under the radar. Cuban cigars. I've never understood how Ashley was part of the group. Then he appears on TRL, wishes Taylor a happy birthday and tells him his "thong is in the mail. I mean, he could pose for a series of photos being gang-banged, with arms up his ass, puking up sperm and we'd get all the same reactions.

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Taking into consideration that Taylor was partaking of the peen all the way back into the time frame before he had turned 18, Maw and Paw circled him like vultures as much as possible.

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The weird thing about the pics on that website is that Taylor's jewelry is visible in almost every pic. PM blames Labour's second referendum split but he Or preferably not at all. How many little bastards do these hippie fucks have between them now? I've been a fan since day one but I've always seen right through their perfect family men act

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