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Beach Party This musical comedy was produced by American International Pictures AIP - a low-budget, exploitative, and successful film company founded in We were shooting there all night and Snoop was just going at it. The overtly-sexual, stylish, glossy and whimsical film without overt nudity or vulgarity however, and horribly dubbed into English was banned in New York by the state's censorship board for "immorality," and ended up being appealed all the way to the Supreme Court. Before I got there, they had just started riffing together, and really, really kind of just made it. She was one of the first or possibly the first!

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I kind of liked that he had kind of dropped out for a little bit. The rapper was originally cast to play himself, but he had other ideas. He reported the murder to Leiter: It was the first US film to show a woman nude from the waist up with bare breasts that was granted a Production Code seal, because the nakedness was regarded as integral to the story. Search for:

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